Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm finding plenty of time for my knitting. I bike to work some of the time, but at least 3 days a week I take the bus, which is a total of 40+ minutes of knitting time. Throw in the odd evening or lunch hour knitting session, weekly knitting group, and you can see I'm knitting a LOT! It's great!

I knit up a Toasty Topper for my son, but it's a little on the small side. I used Cascade 220 held doubled, and had to go up a needle size to make it knit easily. I think I could have gone up one more needle size, and gotten a nicer fabric and that little extra room I needed for my toddler's large head:

One of the gals in my knitting group is expecting a baby in a week or two, so a surprise shower was arranged for her. I couldn't attend, but I whipped up a little hat for her, using a Pointy Ribbed Baby Hat and some pretty yarn I got at the Xmas exchange. I forgot a button and was pressed for time, so I whipped up a bobble and it worked just fine. Added bonus, no button for the baby to try and eat! This photo is from before I got the strap on:

I finished up Stulpen Fingerless Mitts for my mom's birthday last week. I'm not sure she was that pleased with them, but I know she appreciates the effort. You can't see in this crummy, rushed photo, but there is a beautiful cable on the back of the hand, where the ribs all weave in and out of each other:

Next on the needles? I really want to knit the Bainbridge Scarf as it looks fast and easy, and is a nifty pattern idea. I'm hoping I have some pretty, slightly luxurious yarn in my stash to use. I think it would make a good gift for my mother in law, who has a birthday in a week. (she's out of town for a couple weeks, though, so I have some time)

I'm also working on a Norweigan Baby hat for some folks I hear just had another little boy. (I used to play lacrosse with the parents)