Friday, November 29, 2002

I ripped the sock back to the error, almost to the beginning, and went at it again. Once I'd finished the heel flap I found ANOTHER error!! This one was small and I was able to hide it (thank goodness). I'm hoping to finish this sock today and get started on it's mate. Tonight while watching the Sopranos with the neighbours I want to finish knitting the felted clogs. I'd like to felt them at Mom's tomorrow, since I don't have a washing machine of my own. Both clogs still need the second sole piece done, and I have a bit more to do on the second one, but I think I can get them done.

I found some yarn at Value Village last night! Most of a ball of brown Regia sock yarn with the tag for 69cents and a 1lb cone of blue cotton for $1.99. There was also a lot of bright green aran wool that was a bit too bright for me, and some pretty veregated pink skeins. I couldn't tell what the pink yarn was and when I felt it I found it really scratchy so I left it behind. Still, I'm happy about the cotton and Regia!

Monday, November 25, 2002

I have nothing new and exciting to show you knitting-wise. I've been working on the Fibre Trends Felted clogs for my father in law. I am finished all but the 2nd sole piece on hte first one and MY GOODNESS they are HUGE!!! Seriously, I think this thing is 20inches from heel to toe! I sure hope it shrinks a lot in felting! If they end up a little big they may become a gift for someone else with bigger feet, I'll have to see how it goes. I made a beaded heart necklace and bracelet for a friend last week. Once you get the pattern in your head those things move along quickly, I finished both in one day.

Our local stamping group had a class on using Chalks last monday. Here are the cards I created:

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Well I wanted to show you a scan of my beaded knitting (or bead knitting, I never can sort out the difference) but I've lost it! I had my little project in a ziploc and its no where to be seen! Hopefully it turns up soon. Im trying to make a beaded purse necklace for my cousin. I got almost tot he halfway point when I ran out of beads. No problem, I figured I could hop over to walmart and grab more......but they stopped carrying the brand and colour I'd used. So I sent hubby to a bead store to get some. He got a perfect match except his beads were of higher quality and more uniform, and would have made the bag look strange. {sigh} So I may be starting over. I wasn't thrilled with the colour using white thread, I might try it with dark thread instead this time, and I might try making it a little smaller. I was only half done and it was already getting pretty heavy from the beads!

Started a second pair of socks for mom. These are in confetti jacquard yarn as wekk but in olive, mustard, purple, beige and white. Quite a neat colour combo actually. I'm doing these ones on two circular needles too, which is a nice change.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

I finished my gloves on friday night. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. They fit my hands wonderfully, I'm proud of myself for adjusting the pattern to fit my large hands :) Here is a crummy photo of them:
The colour doesn't come out great but they are a pretty green mix, 2 plys green, one darker green, and one grey. They'll be perfect to keep my hands warm while typing at work!

I also gave my brother his jester hat yesterday. He was quite pleased, and apparently wore it out bowling. (and name himself "the jester" hee hee) Hubby tells me when my sister saw it and found out I made it she was quite impressed. Hopefully she will be impressed with the sweater I am making her ;)

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Glove #1 is done!!!! (I'm wearing it now as I type - hee hee) I can't believe I worked it up so fast, hopefully its mate will work up quick too. I started getting frustrated near the end, it's hard to work in such small rounds, each finger being only about 15 stitches or so around. I also still have to darn in all the loose ends, my least favorite part of knitting things! (well it's a tie with sewing I think!) I didn't bring a needle to work though so I will have to wait until later to deal with the ends. Maybe I will start on the mate in the meantime.

I liked working on 2 circulars as compared to a set of DPNs....I might do my next pair of socks this way, if I can find some small circs at the thrift shops.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Brother's jester hat has been knit and sewn! I just need to felt it now, I may do that this afternoon before I go to stamp club. Something odd happenned though, The 'head' part of it had nice even stitches, but when I did each of the points, the tension went funny. It was like half of each stitch was tighter than the other half. The first point I did on straight needles (main hat part was done on a circular needle) so I thought that was the problem. I did the second point on the circ, though back and forth, not in the round of course, and it was the same! Very strange. It didn't make a big difference, and I suspect once felted. IF anything the points will end up a little stiffer which is just fine by me. I can't wait to give this to him, I hope he really likes it!

I started on some fingerless gloves for myself from This Pattern. My fingers get cold at work, when I'm typing or knitting or anything really, so I thought fingerless gloves would be a good thing. I have some neat stash yarn that looks like 2 plys olive green, one ply forest green and one ply greyish. I don't know what the yarn is made from, possibly a wool blend, but it feels nice and looks cool. I'm trying these on 2 circular needles, which is much different than the DPN method of knitting in the round. So far I like it, I'm getting the hand of which "loose end" to knit with so I don't knit myself into a circle. (did that a couple times already)

Friday, November 01, 2002

I started the jester hat for my brother the other day. I'm doing it in bright red and bright blue, and it looks pretty cool so far. I'm totally guessing on how many stitches to use, I made up the smaller one as I went, and don't remember how many stitches I used. At least with felting by hand I have a "little" bit of control on how the sizing goes.

The scarf I'd had nearly finished for my mother-in-law fell off the needles. Sadly the combination of Snowflake and eyelash yarn, while pretty and soft, does not lend itself to easily picking up slipped stitches, so I think I may have to rip it and start over. I'm not too unhappy, I found it to be a bit wide and short, so I can make it 2 stitches narrower and probably be happier with it in the end. I don't really like working on the huge needles though, I find them awkward.