Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lots of knitting of late. First of, in a mad spurt of "finishitis" I finished off a slew of UFOs languishing in my stash. They were all very near completion, but still I feel accomplished getting them all done:
Finishing up some knitting

Hats for my 2 kids, an apple hat for a baby, three hoodies, a 'sunhat' in woolease, a lacy pink hat and a round baby blanket. The three hoodies in the top right were a gift for a friend - for her toddler and twins. I also finished up two knit hats for my neices today:
Christmas Gift HatsHats on

Just in time for gifting tomorrow! I like them so much I might try for a boy version for my own son. And I'm considering knitting Berroco's free Snowflake Pattern in cotton yarn as a washcloth....

Friday, December 08, 2006

I need more knitting time! Or more hands, or something. There are SO many things I want to knit, and so many more I don't even let myself consider due to lack of time. My holiday projects (5 hats total, no more seemed sane) are moving along quite well, thankfully, but I want to make so much more!

Argen is outgrowing his second handmade by me sweater, Teagan long ougrew the last one I made her, I have sock yarn to make socks for them both, socks for myself in mind, baby gifts to make (for babies due in January!!) a charity hat project I want to participate in, something for a silent auction due in the spring, and a tank I want for myself. Plus a ton of other cute things keep catching my eye.

I'm also itching to do some felting and koolaid dying, try more fair isle, and do a lace project. Such aspirations for someone with no free time!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Almost finished the knit gifts for my friend. (still need to weave in some ends, block and wrap them) I also started the hats for my neices, they are knitting up really quickly, which is good.

I saw a cute sweater in the yarn shop today, knit cuff to cuff with veregated and then with jacquard yarn, contrasting cuffs, and little triangle flaps for the buttons. I wasn't thrilled with the yarn (Sisu Fantasy - really scratchy and cheap feeling) so I didn't buy the pattern and yarn right there. I may just use the free cuff-to-cuff pattern available online and add the flaps myself, they don't look hard. Then I can use a nice, soft wool if I like.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still knitting. As much as I can....though not as much as I'd like. I have gift 2 of 3 on the needles, and 3 more in my mind. I started a felted box from Mason-Dixon Knitting, but it's turning out funny so I might give up on it. I also started a Branching Out scarf in Patons Brilliant glittery yarn. I don't know who it will be for, I just had an urge to do some more challenging knitting.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well, the knitting curse is over. I've completed a Toddler's Knit Helmet for Argen, and 1 of 3 knit christmas gifts I decided far. It's not a lot of knitting, but I haven't got a lot of time these days.

Our family just took a little holiday to Vancouver, and I managed a visit to Urban Yarns while I was there. What a lovely shop! They have so much fantastic, touchable yarn! I knew I didn't have time to knit up half of what I WANTED to buy, so I just bought yarn for hats for my kids. Some super-soft Berrocco Lullaby in blue and raspberry for Teagan, and Debbie Bliss Wool-Cotton (I've wanted to try this stuff for a while) in bright blue and brown for Argen. I'm itching to start them but I just got going on christmas gift #2 so I want to keep moving on that one. has a new issue out, with a couple things that look neat. I'm liking the felted pumpkin bag, that would let me koolaid dye some yarn to get the orange, too......I need more time. An eigth day of the week just for knitting and drinking tea would do nicely!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I think I'm knitting-cursed right now. First I messed up the hedera sock. Then another sock that had been a long standing UFO. Next, I messed up a simple toddler hat, a pattern I've made a few times now, by messing up the gauge really badly. Finally, I can't seem to cast on for even a simple beanie hat tonight, the yarn splits like crazy! AAARRRG! My knitting "to do" list is growing and I can't knit a thing!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hedera sock

hedera sock
Originally uploaded by wendymc.
So I did get some knitting done - though it's all headed for the frog pond. I thought I lucked out gauge-wise with the Hedera sock, but the increase in needle size meant the heel was WAY too long, and I'm just not up to recalculating and adjusting. I found out the pattern is intended for a size 7 foot. My 9.5 feet are not going to fit that pattern without some adjustment other than just a bigger needle, so I think I'll look for another. Jaywalker, maybe?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Brimed Hat

Brimed Hat
Originally uploaded by wendymc.
From Holiday Knits, knit in Woolease. I hoped the guage would come out well, and I lucked out! This hat is for a cousin, but I think I'll make one for Teagan next. I love how the brom isn't too floppy....I may do Teagan's in cotton which would make it even stiffer, I think.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I haven't been doing much knitting lately. I've been busy with another project....

Introducing our new son Argen. Born April 28th, 9lbs8oz and 22inches long. He and his big sister have been taking up all my time, so I haven't been knitting much at all. I'm also still suffering from some Carpal Tunnel from the pregnancy, so that doesn't help matters either.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I finished up the pirate hat. The finishing wasn't that bad, once I steam ironed the heck out of it, everything lay flat and nice for sewing up. I questioned the need for the lining but it finishes this hat off SO nicely. I was going to felt it down to fit baby boy early on, but I think I'll leave it and let him grow into it. I don't want to risk ruining the hat after all this work, and considering the big-headed babies I make, it won't be too long before it fits anyways.

I also whipped up a Kidlet Tank in some Lion Brand Microspun I had lying around. It takes about one full skein to make the smallest size, following the pattern using a 4mm came out to a slim size 2. I'm going to see how this one washes up (pilling, etc) and then maybe make another in the next size up. This one fits funny after she eats a big meal, it's that close in sizing. It's a super easy/fast knit, though!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

THe pirate hat is nearly complete. I've finished all the knitting, and just need to tack under the lining, then felt it a wee bit to shrink it. (it's about toddler sized and it's meant to fit my new baby - when he gets here) I finished the knitting a couple days ago and have been putting off the requires tacking the UN-boundoff stitches to the inside of the hat. There are over 100 stitches so it sounds like a bit of a headache to do.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Stash Flashing Time!!

Click here for the YARNAGE

I finally got photos of all of my yarn, needles and UFO's uploaded. I have a LOT of yarn, ove 100 skeins! Still lots of "cheap" yarn, but a bit of an improvement over last year, I think:

Last Year's stash flash

I was amazed to see I have 12 UFOs right now, not counting the THREE baby hats I found almost done, and finished up, while sorting this morning. Lots of stuff close to completion, too. I should get busy and finish things up!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I started a new project, We Call Them Pirates From Hello Yarn. I'm Knitting it in a thin alpaca yarn and it is SOOOOOOoooooo soft! I've never knit with alpaca before, but wow, it's so nice and cuddly! It sheds a bit, and sticks together somewhat, but it's cuddle factor makes up for that. The hat is coming out a tad larger than I want, I'm making it for my baby boy, but I'll felt it down a bit I think. The edge tension is a little looser than it is where I'm getting into the pattern, but hopefully it will all work out. Overall for my first fair isle I think it's going well:

And it's just so fun knitting a design that is so not-traditional, especially in soft fuzzy yarn!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I THOUGHT that the baby sweater I was working on seemed 'off' in a way, but I carried on. I've mad this particular sweater twice before with no issues, so I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Unfortunately, I should have paid better attention when I thought it was wrong, I had screwed up pretty badly. Instead of continueing to increase the shoulders/sleeves to the THIRD buttonhole, I stopped at the second, a difference of 18 rows. That makes for a pretty warped sweater with tiny little arms. It's totally unsalvagable. I can either rip back about 80% of what I've done and fix it, or just start over completely. I'm not sure I feel like doing either.

The baby is due mid April, so I have a little time, but not much. I checked my stash and I don't have any other "gender neutral" yarn so I'm sort of stuck redoing this sweater, or something similar. I hate when knitting, which is supposed to be fun, gets frustrating.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I finally finished the doll-sized placket neck pullover:

It's a little bigger in the body and the neck than I'd like, but at least this way it will be easier for my daughter to put on and off the doll. She seemed pleased with the sweater, but I think the real joy will come when her doll and baby brother can dress alike.

I'm starting a simple cardigan in Patons Look at Me for a friend - the mom of a child at Teagan's daycare is due 8 days before me!

Friday, February 24, 2006

I've started the doll-size placket neck sweater. I'm just about to start the arms, but it should go pretty quick. I'm a little worried that the neck won't be wide enough, this doll has a monster head, but we'll see.

I bought 4 skeins of yarn in a blue veregated colourway to make Teagan a matching style sweater. I debated on a more girly colour, but this way I can hand the sweater down to the boy, getting more use out of it. She looks good in blue, too. The yarn I got this time doesn't do the fake fair isle thing, but I figured that the larger size would distrort the effect away anyways, and this colour was nicer.

No photos of the yarn because I'm currently sorting my 18million photos on the computer for printing and archiving - damned if I'm going to take more knitting photos to add to the mess until I'm done!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's finished!

I finished the Child's Placket Neck pullover tonight. There was so little finishing, just kitchener under each arm and sewing the front of the placket down. The knitting itself was fast and easy, so it was a great pattern/project. My daughter was confused about which baby this sweater was for (we got her a baby doll for christmas she promptly named 'baby brother') So I'm thinking of making a matching one for her doll with the 3rd ball of yarn I bought. This sweater only took 2, so I am hoping I could squeeze out a doll size one with one ball and the little leftovers I have.

I am considering making another for Teagan, too, in another colour. The yarn is soft and nice to work with for an acrylic, and the pattern is just so nice.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Olympics sweater is progressing nicely. I really like this yarn, it's very soft for an acrylic and the colourway is so pretty. At this point I'm considering making the sweater in a larger size for Teagan, too. Of course, I'm still on the stockingknit body section so it's all easy at this point - we'll see if I still want to make another after dealing with the upper part. Here's the sweater so far:

Friday, February 10, 2006

I finished the baby cardigan last night. It still needs blocking (in a bad way!) and buttons, but otherwise it's all done. I'm still not thrilled with how the sleeves attached, but even with fiddling that's as good as it got:

I'm hoping some blocking will help them out. It ended up bigger than I expected (Debbie Bliss' sizes do run large) so it may be for the fall rather than when he's a newborn.

Here is the yarn and the start of a swatch (warmups) for my knitting olympics project. It's an acrylic yarn but really nice and soft.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I really, REALLY dislike finishing work on knitted items. One or two simple seams I can handle, but putting together a whole sweater is so frustrating for me. It seems like the pieces don't match up, my sleeve ends up crooked, or there is some other problem.

I finally finished all the knitting for the baby cardigan I'm knitting, and started the assembly today. Several hours of seaming in, and I'm only halfway done. What I have done doesn't look right, so I may be ripping it to start over. The sleeve looks kind of puckered, I think I need to space out the stitches more than I did. Unfortunately, that means ripping all the seaming I've done on the arm so far, which is most of the work I did. The sweater is looking cute, but at this point of the project I remember why I always favour top-down/seamless projects. Once the knitting is finished (the fun part for me) I still have to tackle this frustration, and I end up feeling like the quality of my finishing work detracts from the end result.

I'm going to work at it, though. I want to finish it tomorrow night, so I can feel free to start my next project (a SEAMLESS baby sweater) for Friday's Knitting Olympics beginning.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Knitting Olympics!

This sounds like too much fun to miss:Knitting Olympics. Basically you have to cast on for a new project during the openning ceremonies of the olympics (Feb 10th)and finish before the flame goes out. (Feb 26th)My plan is the Child's Placket-Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have some neat self patterning acrylic I'll use, assuming it swatches up alright. It's not a very ambitious project, but I don't have tons of free time these days, so I think it's enough of a challenge to finish in 16 days. The additional challenge is finishing the cardigan I'm working on now, first. I don't want to start the new sweater until the old one is done - better get knitting!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Petal Baby Hat

Petal Baby Hat
Originally uploaded by wendymc.
I made This Petal Hat intending it as a baby gift, but as you can see it ended up a bit on the large size. Teagan likes it, and it looks cute on her, so I'm not worried it came out so large. The pattern is written flat but I just knit it in the round. There is a wide plain patch because I forgot to remove the 'seam allowance'. The top came out nicely, too:

I really like this pattern, once I get it started it was easy to remember and just knit away. I started a second hat in some cascade fixation yarn. The yarn is pretty crazy bright, but hopefully ok for a young baby:

I altered the pattern to cut out the seam allowance which eliminated 3 stitches and the cascade is thinner yarn, so even with the same size needles it's coming out smaller. The cascade is knitting up quite stretchy, too. There is a lot of yarn so I may be able to make matching socks or mitts.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I lost my hook. I settled in at the hospital yesterday (waiting for an ultrasound) ready for some time to work on the star blanket, and I didn't have my crochet hook! I looked at home and can't see it, so my only hope is that it't in the car, having fallen out of the bag. I don't know what size I was using so replacing it won't be easy if it's not int he car.

Someone linked to an amazing shawl at I have never had any desire to make a lace shawl, but this one is tempting!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Star Blanket

Star Blanket
Originally uploaded by wendymc.
Got a little farther on the star blanket. I like how it looks framed in blue, though I really REALLY wish I had made the yellow part in the centre bigger. Too late now! I'm not sure how much blue to do, and I was thinking about doing some blue, and then some yellow, or striping back and forth, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I brought it to work with me, because I had an ultrasound appointment this morning. I knew I'd be waiting so I thought I could get a lot done. (I finished a round and a half doing my glucose test at the lab the other day, over 800stitches!) I get to the waiting room, pull out the blanket hook! So I had to sit and read out of date magazines and curse myself for not double checking that the hook was in the bag this morning.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Star Blanket

Star Blanket
Originally uploaded by wendymc.
I've been working on my star blanket a bit. It's an easy portable project where I don't need to refer to a pattern, and I can stop and start easily since I'm not counting stitches or anything. It's really slow going, though. I realized why - it's over 400 stitches per 'round' now, and each round only nets me another cm around the blanket. I don't know how big I'm going to make it, but it's going to take me a while.

I'm wishing I'd made the middle yellow part bigger, but I am NOT ripping back now. I'm going to edge it in light blue, but the bulk of it will be white, I think. The pattern is neat, but if I made it again I'd use thicker yarn and a bigger hook. The blanket wouldn't be as fine and soft, but it wouldn't take half a century to finish.

Given it's taking me so darn long to make, I think I'm going to keep this one for our baby boy to use.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm very excited, my friend is getting a local Stitch n Bitch organized. There is another group that meets monthly, but I never clicked with them. They're nice, I just didn't connect, plus they meet downtown on weekends, which is harder for me to manage. It's just going to be the two of us this week, but hopefully next week there will be more interest. Lots of folks off the local parenting board are interested, they just couldn't make it tonight. I'm looking forward to dedicated knitting time, out of the house, with a fancy coffee drink :)

The Debbie Bliss sweater is annoying me. The shoulder shaping made NO sense, so I'm adapting it and hoping I can make it all work out. I've just started the second front piece, so there isn't too much more to knit. I need to make the second pocket before I can progress much more, though.