Thursday, September 26, 2002

The top is done! Well, I still have to sew up the underarm seams, weave in a couple ends, and attach the buttons. I bought the CUTEST buttons the other day, they are little yellow stars! They work really well with the lavender yarn I made the top out of. I started and frogged a couple pairs of booties to match, I just haven't found a pattern I'm happy with yet.

I started the Sweater for my sister last night. Already I have done over 5 inches on the back, this stuff knits up quickly! It's "hard" to knit though, like I have to put out more effort to make the stitches, if that makes sense. It looks nice though, I know she will love it.

Monday, September 23, 2002

I'm NEARLY done the baby top for the day care raffle! I feel stupid that it came out so tiny, I must start doing a guage swatch!! That aside, it's turning out very nice. I've learned on this item, which is very cool. I got lots of practice picking up stitches, as that is how the sleeves are attached AND how the ribbing around the hood edge is done. I also got to do grafting for the shoulders - way cool! I loved how easy it was and how nice the shoulders looked, no seams! I'm about 1/3 done the second sleeve, then I will just have to "block" it and get the buttons! (I put "block" in brackets cuz I've never blocked anything before, and am only partly sure I will do it for this piece. Also I suspect I will sort of half invent how to do it as every site I find has a different method!!) I may make booties to match this top since I have more than 2/3 of the second skein left of the purple microspun. I love working with this yarn! I would make myself a top in it if I didn't know it would take about 10 years given the guage!!!

Once I finish this baby thing I can start the sweater I am making for my sister. I've changed my mind AGAIN on what I am making for her, but think I'll stick to what I decided this time. I am making THIS basic sweater in Bernat Denimstyle . I'm using the Indigo colour, which is the dark blue they did the swatch in on that page I linked to. It's totally "my sister" so I'm happy with this selection. The yarn is so soft and cozy, totally machine washable, and fairly cheap($4 a ball retail, I need 6 total). This pattern is the basic sweater from Knit It magazine, but altered to be used with a lighter weight yarn (wool ease) so it will be perfect for the yarn I chose. I am excited about making this top and want to start on it, but because my other project has a deadline, I am forcing myself to finish it first.

Monday, September 16, 2002

I've finished my "6hr sweater" and wore it last week. It's warm and fuzzy, but fits a little funny. I made the arm holes too tight and the whole sweater is a little short. (sigh) I think I am more of a process knitter, I get impatient with finishing and details, and then end up frustrated with the results.

I'm moving right along on my day care raffle items. I've made three stamped cards so far, and hope to do another three and envelopes tonight. The baby sweater is more than half way done as w3ell. Made a boo-boo on the sweater though. I MUST learn to swatch. I used the recommended yarn and needles so I assumed it would be fine, but my item is ending up about 2/3 the size it should be!! I didn't notice until I was too far along to rip back. "12 month" sized sweater is going to be more of a "newborn" sized sweater. Oh well, it looks really nice, and its a raffle prize so there aren't any restrictions on size or anything, I just thought a 12month old size would be more versatile.

Monday, September 09, 2002

I have hardly touched my new knitting book, I've been too busy working on this "6hr sweater" I started last week. Though I have put in a little more than 6 hours on it I would guess, I am using mohair, which is a little slower going. Plus the HUGE needles are a little awkward to use. It looks and feels really nice though. I only have to sew it up now. I may do that after work and wear it to stamp club tonight.

I've got to get moving on my items for the Day Care Raffle! They are due in one month, and I promised "knit baby items" and a set of "hand stamped cards". Maybe I can do the cards tonight at stamp club. I had made some but wasn't happy enough with them, so I need to make something new. The other cards I had made used stamps by a stamping company that wouldn't give me a clear answer about their Angel Policy, so to heck with them! (An angel policy states whether you can make items to sell using their designs. These items aren't for me to sell, they are for a charity raffle, but still, I wanted to be safe)

Thursday, September 05, 2002

My book is here!! My husband picked up our order from the post office today so my copy of The Knitter's Stash is at home waiting for me! I'm very excited, I rarely own big fancy new books. :)

I started ANOTHER sweater last night. It's a very simple pattern for a Six-hour sweater. you knit is on huge needles, 9mm and 12.5mm, with two strands of worsted weight yarn, so it's no wonder it only takes 6 hours. I'm doing mine in some pretty purple mohair blend yarn I bought at the salvation army yesterday. Its so soft and fluffy! It's a little awkward knitting on such big needles, but very cool to have the top knitting up so fast. I'm a third of the way up the front already, and I'm going to get as far as I can on it tonight. Two women in my building seem interested in knitting and I think this would make a great beginner pattern. The large stitches make them easy to see, and the instant gratification factor is important too. I wouldn't suggest they start with mohair though, I think a cotton would work well for this!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I had a great weekend away. It was so relaxing and fun to just "get away". We really need to do that more. Knit-wise, the trip didn't go well though. I screwed up on the socks, dropping a couple stitches somewhere that I COULD not find. So I think I will have to rip it out yet again. I'm starting to consider abandoning toe-up patterns for now and just doing a plain old ankle-down pattern. What do you think?

I also didn't find any yarn stores. Because we were on a tight schedule trying to get to the wedding, then getting back to Victoria so I could be at work again today, we didn't have a lot of shopping time. We tried to chase down one yarn shop in Vancouver on Monday, but when we got there it was closed. In better news, I am expecting a knitting book I ordered last week to come today or tomorrow. I ordered The Knitter's Stash from My husband needed to order a book from there anyways for school, so I decided to splurge. This will be the first knitting book I will OWN as opposed to borrowed library books and patterns from the net. I'm excited. There are a lot of patterns I like from that book, mostly for stuff for myself, haha!