Wednesday, September 24, 2003

More photos to share!

A Watch Cap made from a thick tweedy wool I had in my stash. I think I have enough left to make a second one

A Baby Watch Cap I made using basically the same pattern as above, and some neat cotton cord. I love how this turned out, I think I will keep this one for my baby.

A sweater using the bulky bibbed baby sweater pattern

My first attempt at crocheting a snowflake, using leftover cotton cord

A photo of part of the double cable in the BPT sweater I'm making. I'm using Alafoss Lett Lopi In a very dark brown.

Monday, September 22, 2003

I just keep starting new stuff! I got started on BPT from the new yesterday. I made pretty good progress, after I got my head around the cables and everything, but I was still a little unsure I was doing the increases right. I started composing an email to the author to check, when I found my error. I was only doing 4 of the 8 increases needed on each row. DAMN! There go the 11 rows I'd already completed! At least I better understand the pattern now, it should just fly along. I'm using Lett-Lopi, a neat icelandic wool I found at a thrift shop a while ago. It's a great brown/black colour and should look great. This will be a gift for my sister for christmas.

Friday, September 19, 2003

I didn't manage to finish the socks. I managed to kitchener one toe up almost completely before I realised I was doing it at a 90% angle to how I should I grafted the left half of the sock to the right half instead of the top to the bottom. ((sigh)) so I had to rip that out and redo it. Then I found the socks are too small for me, just a touch. I guess they will become christmas presents for someone!

I am working on another quickie gift item for my brother, something more portable than the larger multi-piece project I started the other day. I'm trying to use up some stash yarn to make more space, and this will use up most of one ball anyways.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Making good progress on the christmas gift for my brother. Haven't asked him yet if he reads here. I will share a photo when it's done though. I'm also trying to finish up some of the many WIPs that I have filling up my yarn containers. I nearly finished a pair of socks last night, will finish them today. I also have a pretty sweater top that needs I think one more (short) sleeve to be done, so I should work on that. It would probaby fit me now, but not for much longer as my belly grows. Also have a baby sweater that needs one more small seam and the new buttons I bought sewn on. If I get busy tonight I might have a whole mess of photos to share tomorrow or Friday.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I made some good progress on cleaning up the yarn mess. I have traded some away for knitting books (YAY), and have some in mind to give away. Beyond that I think I just need to get knitting and fast to use up a lot of this yarn! I have the "baby corner" clear now, though the large yarn cart and a couple boxes still need a home. I have barely touched the stamp mess, but I have been sick this week. (excuses, excuses)

I'm looking for a good jacket pattern to adapt into a maternity sweater/jacket. I found a neat one meant for Homespun yarn: which is close to the Bernat Soft Boucle I have in mind, but it bugs me to pay $6 for the pattern booklet when the pattern is fairly simple, and I wouldn't do anything else out of the booklet. I'm hoping to find someone willing to trade me that or another similar pattern ;)

I've started on a christmas/birthday gift for my brother. I have to find out if he reads this thing before I post much about it though. I doubt he does, but it's not like I hid the blog......

Monday, September 08, 2003

My craft area currently takes up an entire nook off the living room. Half of this nook is what will become "baby's space" so I need to organize, downsize, and just plain clean up my crafting! I started with the yarn, since the bags and piles were actually starting to take over the living room too:

I've got it all into the two carts, one bag, and a box now. I'm working on a trade with someone for yarns I'm not fond of, in exchange for knitting books - YAY! I bought a lot of it at thrift shops when I first started knitting, or my mom picked it up for me, before I knew what I liked knitting with. Now that I know, lots of what I have just doesn't suit me, even though it's nifty yarn. If I can swap it for things I like I can actually make things, rather than feeling overwhelmed by piles of yarn I don't like. I have a few things posted for trade at TRADE if you want to check it out.

Next will be the stamping table:

Which will need to also hold any miscellaneous crafting stuff, and my couponing/refunding stuff. It's a big project getting it all organized, but I will be so happy when it's all neat and useable again!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

I forgot to post my big news! I was waiting until I got a meeting with my boss, just in case anyone at work stumbles accross this little blog, but now that he knows, everyone can....

I'm Pregnant!!!!

My due date is January 29th, and hubby and I are thrilled to pieces. This will be our first child. (and the first grandchild for both sides) I haven't managed much knitting for myself yet though, as all my friends keep having kids first! I also didn't get to find out the sex at the ultrasound last week, so no pink or blue for me. I am considering making the Before & After Sweater from Canadian Living's site. I love the idea that you can wear it after the baby is born by taking the panel out, but I don't like the design or instructions. I may just adapt a simple boxy cardigan to do the same idea myself. I have some Bernat Soft Boucle in rich blues that would be perfect.......

Comments are down but feel free to EMAIL ME if you have something to say!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I have SO MUCH YARN!!! I decided to organize my stash, pulled it out of all the piles and bags and stuff, seperated, organized.........and realized I have TOO MUCH YARN! Most of it is stuff my mom or I picked up when I was just starting knitting, before I knew what I liked. Lots of mohair, some buffalo wool, and tons of really weird stuff. (nylon ribbon that would suit weaving a lawn chair maybe?? raffia yarn??) ICKY! I did manage to pack it back up nicer, but its still a whole lot of yarn I don't see myself using. So I have to decide how much of it to discard, how much to knit, and if any of it is even remotely swappable. I do have 4 balls of Pengoin cotton slubby yarn in lime and blue that might interest someone...........