Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ran into trouble with the striped sweater. The sleeves seem way to small and the wrists, and are increasing too rapidly to look right. I'm going to try and rip and start over, doing it differently. It's a basic idea, I should be able to fiddle without too much trouble.

I'm starting to look for a poncho pattern. I think that would be something nice for my sister, they're the "in" thing right now. Plus she just had a baby and I have no idea what size I'd knit for her if I were to do a sweater or something!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Making progress on a sweater for my daughter. I'm basing it on a pattern from the 2nd issue of Knit It, using stripes of Lewiscraft's version of Sirdar Snowflake in a veregated colour and Paton's Look at Me in medium purple. I'm done the back and over half done the front, but it's slow going. Here's a photo of where I'm at:

I'm trying to get as far as I can to see if I need to buy more of either yarn today at the mall. Hopefully I can get by with what I bought. I'm also nervous I made it too small, so I'm finishing it as fast as I can to help the chances Teagan can wear it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I headed back to Michaels's today and scored a bunch more yarn. I got 7 balls of woolease in "Blue Heather" and 3 balls in "Dark Rose Heather". I'm considering making Accordion from Knitty for my daughter and I, Blue for me, Rose for her. I'll have to check how the guage works out, but woolease seemed an appropriate easy wear, easy knit yarn for sweaters. (I've made a pair of socks and a hat from it and enjoyed working with it)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I think Patons Look at Me yarn is being discontinued! Too bad, it's a nice sport weight in great colours for baby stuff. I got 4 balls at Michael's last night in Deep Purple to make another baby sweater for a boy due this fall.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Well I scrapped the plan to make a sweater in that Ping Pong yarn. The skeins only had about 50 yards each so I was looking at 6+ balls for a baby sweater, and at $5 a ball plus tax, it was going to be too much for a sweater that wouldn't get a lot of wear.

I started on Haiku instead, in a really pretty dark blue Bernat Satin yarn. It's coming along, but I also started plans for a second sweater at the same time, due to a sale at Lewiscrafter. I'm making a striped sweater in purple and a veregated fluffy yarn with purple, blue and green in it. Here is a quick swatch I did up tonight:

It's a little more "red" in reality, but that shows you about what it should look like. The pattern is from the second Knit It! magazine.