Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Third blossom hat:

This one is going to a coworker today. The guy replacing me on my maternity leave had a baby girl about 3 weeks before I had Teagan. My girl's head is pretty big, so seeing as it fits her, it should be good for that other gal size-wize. I had to do some math to shrink the pattern....the "small" ended up about a 2 year old size. (I know because I gave the purple one with the white trim to a 2 year old and it fit well) The pattern called for 6 of those flowers around the hat, but I found them fiddly and just did one. I think it looks cuter on the front than the top though.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

More blossom hats:

The second one(with the white) is actually smaller than the first by a bit, though you can't tell from the photo. I realized for the first one I used the wrong size needles, so I corrected that for the second, but it was still big for my daughter. No worries, it was destined for a 2 year old's birthday yesterday and she loved it! The larger one goes to a 4 year old for her birthday today. I started a third one, in a still smaller size (had to number crunch to shrink the pattern) for a little girl 2 or 3 weeks older than my daughter, who I will be seeing on Tuesday. I'd better get busy to finish it in time!

I do want to make one for Teagan eventually, but I may be sick of them by the time I finish the third one.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

A completed project! I'm managing to find a few minutes to knit here and there, and here's what I have to show for it:

It was intended as a gift for a 2 month old, but as you can see from my 6 week old daughter (who has a very large head) modelling it, it is way too big:

Luckily I know of a young girl with a birthday coming up, and she happens to look good in purple. The hat is from the premier issue of Knit It, by the way.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I am a pretty fast knitter, so I have the potential to finish things very fast. That is, if I didn't have to re-knit about half of what I do! I get going and I forget to check the pattern, or I miss a mistake made early on, and end up ripping out what I've done. Sometimes this happens several times in one part of a pattern even! The baby sweater I'm working on has had the sleeve half knit twice already, it's taken until the third attempt to get it right. First time, not enough stitches picked up, the second time I forgot the decreases. I could be into the second sleeve by now if I'd been more careful, it's frustrating as this happens on most of my projects. I wonder how much ripping others have to do compared to me.........?

Saturday, March 13, 2004

A couple photos of Teagan, since they contain a little knitting:

I made the purple booties in the first photo, and the fluffy hat in the second. Both are still a tad big opn her, but they matched her outfits so I couldn't resist putting them on.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I saw some acrylic yarn at Zellers today that I was so tempted to buy. It's Bernat Satin. It's really soft and smooth and comes in some pretty colours. I thought the veregated stuff would make neat baby hats or a baby sweater maybe. I talked myself out of buying it....I have SO little knitting time right now, and a few projects I really should get done first. Last night I need is one more WIP, I'll never finish anything. Maybe if I finish one of the 3 main WIPS I'll buy it as a reward.........

Friday, March 05, 2004

Still barely knitting. I finished a baby hat for a friend and sent it off, and finished another for someone else. I'm just working on matching booties now. I haven't knit much for Teagan really, I just don't have time! I also want to stamp up a bunch of thank you cards for the MANY great gifts we got but I have hardly started on that. Babies really cramp your crafting style! Seriously though, I love her to bits, and she's totally worth setting aside my crafts for.