Sunday, November 28, 2004

I got started on the poncho from Vogue Knitting. Right off the bad I screwed up, I forgot to switch to the smaller needles right after the first 3 rows of garter stitch. Oh well, it shouldn't matter. Now that I am a number of rows in, I realize the needle I am using is a 4mm instead of the 4.5 called for. (darn my old inaccurate needle sizer!!) I am going to try to ignore that too. Finally, I missed the first decrease - but it's only half a row back so I'm going to fix that. At least it's moving along fairly when there is something to show.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

I went to the yarn store today. Wow - there are some gorgeous yarns out there. I had to touch everything.....well as much as my baby's patience would allow. *I* could have spend a whole day in there, but she had other ideas.

I bought some yarn for a gift. (can't go into specifics as she reads this blog) It is fun but challenging shopping for yarn for someone else. When you are shopping for someone else you feel justified in "splurging" when you might not on yourself, and you can really get into the process. BUT it's worrisome to be picking out colours based on your own preferances, or guessing what the other person will like. Hopefully she'll be happy with the selection I made, I did my best!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Still working on things for my brother. The "family birthday dinner" was postponed, buying me more time. I finished a Seaman's cap for him, and now I'm working on fingerless gloves. I don't think I'll finish them in time, so they can be for christmas.

I found this neat pattern for a Hot Water Bottle Cozy so I'm making that for my sister's fiance. I bought some Decor yarn to make it, someone reccomended it to me and it feels nice, a lot like Woolease.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

We're all moved into our new place! It's great, so much space! I don't have a designated crafting desk anymore, but I have loads of storage for my craft things. I haven't gotten much knitting done, partly because most of it is still packed and there is so much else to do. Plus it's all up in the storage on the third floor, so it's not easy and quick to grab. I think I need a "working" craft bin in the bottom floor. Maybe my folding knitting bag can live in the living room for easy knitting access.

I haven't started the poncho yet, I'm trying to whip up something for my brother. His birthday is tomorrow but I won't see him for a few days. I really like working with Woolease. It's a nice yarn, feels nice to work with and is forgiving to frogging as well.