Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lots of knitting of late. First of, in a mad spurt of "finishitis" I finished off a slew of UFOs languishing in my stash. They were all very near completion, but still I feel accomplished getting them all done:
Finishing up some knitting

Hats for my 2 kids, an apple hat for a baby, three hoodies, a 'sunhat' in woolease, a lacy pink hat and a round baby blanket. The three hoodies in the top right were a gift for a friend - for her toddler and twins. I also finished up two knit hats for my neices today:
Christmas Gift HatsHats on

Just in time for gifting tomorrow! I like them so much I might try for a boy version for my own son. And I'm considering knitting Berroco's free Snowflake Pattern in cotton yarn as a washcloth....

Friday, December 08, 2006

I need more knitting time! Or more hands, or something. There are SO many things I want to knit, and so many more I don't even let myself consider due to lack of time. My holiday projects (5 hats total, no more seemed sane) are moving along quite well, thankfully, but I want to make so much more!

Argen is outgrowing his second handmade by me sweater, Teagan long ougrew the last one I made her, I have sock yarn to make socks for them both, socks for myself in mind, baby gifts to make (for babies due in January!!) a charity hat project I want to participate in, something for a silent auction due in the spring, and a tank I want for myself. Plus a ton of other cute things keep catching my eye.

I'm also itching to do some felting and koolaid dying, try more fair isle, and do a lace project. Such aspirations for someone with no free time!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Almost finished the knit gifts for my friend. (still need to weave in some ends, block and wrap them) I also started the hats for my neices, they are knitting up really quickly, which is good.

I saw a cute sweater in the yarn shop today, knit cuff to cuff with veregated and then with jacquard yarn, contrasting cuffs, and little triangle flaps for the buttons. I wasn't thrilled with the yarn (Sisu Fantasy - really scratchy and cheap feeling) so I didn't buy the pattern and yarn right there. I may just use the free cuff-to-cuff pattern available online and add the flaps myself, they don't look hard. Then I can use a nice, soft wool if I like.