Wednesday, October 09, 2002

It's finished!

I love how it turned out, I'm so proud of myself, hehe. I'm going to take it to work today for the raffle. I hope they like it, I sure enjoyed making it! I used the hooded baby sweater pattern from Knit It! magazine. The yarn is Lion Brand Microspun, which is wonderful to knit with and came out so soft.

Still working away on the sweater for my sister. I'm done the front and back and am about halfway through one sleeve. It's nearing completion now, getting closer to the dreaded sewing up stage. I really don't like the finishing part, I am not good with sewing pieces together. I think if I looked up how you are actually SUPPOSED to do this, it would go better, usually I just wing it.

I also need to restart mom's socks in that nifty Confetti Jacquard yarn. I need a good simple pattern, my first few toe-up attempts failed, for one reason or another. I may have to start from the cuff on this one. But I still have to decide on a pattern. Most I found so far have detailing and patterning, but with the Jacquard patterning of the yarn I want something plain.

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