Monday, November 04, 2002

Brother's jester hat has been knit and sewn! I just need to felt it now, I may do that this afternoon before I go to stamp club. Something odd happenned though, The 'head' part of it had nice even stitches, but when I did each of the points, the tension went funny. It was like half of each stitch was tighter than the other half. The first point I did on straight needles (main hat part was done on a circular needle) so I thought that was the problem. I did the second point on the circ, though back and forth, not in the round of course, and it was the same! Very strange. It didn't make a big difference, and I suspect once felted. IF anything the points will end up a little stiffer which is just fine by me. I can't wait to give this to him, I hope he really likes it!

I started on some fingerless gloves for myself from This Pattern. My fingers get cold at work, when I'm typing or knitting or anything really, so I thought fingerless gloves would be a good thing. I have some neat stash yarn that looks like 2 plys olive green, one ply forest green and one ply greyish. I don't know what the yarn is made from, possibly a wool blend, but it feels nice and looks cool. I'm trying these on 2 circular needles, which is much different than the DPN method of knitting in the round. So far I like it, I'm getting the hand of which "loose end" to knit with so I don't knit myself into a circle. (did that a couple times already)

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