Saturday, March 27, 2004

More blossom hats:

The second one(with the white) is actually smaller than the first by a bit, though you can't tell from the photo. I realized for the first one I used the wrong size needles, so I corrected that for the second, but it was still big for my daughter. No worries, it was destined for a 2 year old's birthday yesterday and she loved it! The larger one goes to a 4 year old for her birthday today. I started a third one, in a still smaller size (had to number crunch to shrink the pattern) for a little girl 2 or 3 weeks older than my daughter, who I will be seeing on Tuesday. I'd better get busy to finish it in time!

I do want to make one for Teagan eventually, but I may be sick of them by the time I finish the third one.

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