Monday, August 02, 2004

Well I scrapped the plan to make a sweater in that Ping Pong yarn. The skeins only had about 50 yards each so I was looking at 6+ balls for a baby sweater, and at $5 a ball plus tax, it was going to be too much for a sweater that wouldn't get a lot of wear.

I started on Haiku instead, in a really pretty dark blue Bernat Satin yarn. It's coming along, but I also started plans for a second sweater at the same time, due to a sale at Lewiscrafter. I'm making a striped sweater in purple and a veregated fluffy yarn with purple, blue and green in it. Here is a quick swatch I did up tonight:

It's a little more "red" in reality, but that shows you about what it should look like. The pattern is from the second Knit It! magazine.

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