Sunday, September 12, 2004

Making progress on the purple baby sweater for my friend. That pattern knits up quickly, and it is a nice portable project.

Finished Haiku the other day, and am just sewing the buttons on now. Photo when they're all one, the buttons I found MAKE the sweater so there is no sense taking a pic now. I also got the buttons sewn on a sweater knit in Patons Pixie, Pattern here, that I knit a while ago.

Thinking about that poncho for my sister. I came accross a sample of THIS at the yarn shop the other day, and it's just stunning. Unfortunately, the yarn used and called for int he pattern was over $35 a hank. One hank would make the whole thing, but I'm not even sure she'd wear it, so I couldn't justify the purchase. I'm trying out swatching some Lion Brand Woolease veregated yarn, to see if I can't just work something out on my own. I'm trying to think of how to do the decreases: matched up along "seams" would look nice, but I might want to avoid that so it can be the same all the way around....

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