Monday, October 11, 2004

I had to rip out my progress on a poncho for my sister today. 2 balls of Woolease into it, I had made the classic knitting-in-the-round error of twisting the stitches to create a mobius strip. There was so much knitting on the needles I couldn't flatten it out to notice the error earlier, and it peeved me to rip all that work out. BUT, there is a bright side, I realised the pattern I was using was just not going to do it. The edge was rolling, and the fabric was pretty thick, not drapey like I was hoping. I am starting over today, possibly with the famed Yarn Harlot Poncho still in woolease. I think with a single strand rather than doubled the woolease will drape okay. I've seen photos of others made in wool blends and they looked pretty nice.

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