Monday, January 10, 2005

SOOOOO happy to be done with Christmas knitting and all the stress that it brings. I've said it befere, though I REALLY mean it this time, I will not leave it all to the last minute this year!

So I wanted to make my daughter a hat, she doesn't have many hats knit by me, which is a crime considering how much I knit, but I didn't want to make some boring old plain thing. I came accross a pattern for a pointed pixie hat, and I'm pretty pleased with the result:

I got the pattern HERE and it is SO easy - no increases or decreases, just knits and purls.

I also started on WAVY from the current issue of It looks like it won't be too hard, but keeping track of the pattern row will be key. I don't yet own a single knit scarf - another crime in my opinion - so it was time to knit something for ME! I had some pretty medium blue woolease from an abandoned christmas project (my sister's loss will be my gain) and I think it will make an excellent scarf.

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