Friday, March 04, 2005

More hats, though I need to get some good "boy" patterns as all the expectant moms I know seem to be having boys. I DO NOT LIKE this yarn (Innovation by Lewiscraft) but I do like the pattern and how it turned out:

It's the Quaker Ribbed HAt shrunk down to a smaller size. It still came out toddler-sized, I was aiming for baby-sized.

I've got a little bit of 3 different purple shades of Look At Me yarn left, I'm going to try and make a hat out of them. One is veregated, I might stripe it with a solid purple. Not sure what to do with the small amount of dark purple I have left, I may skip it if I can make a whole hat out of the other two. Perhaps I can add earflaps with it at the end?

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