Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Tiny Tot Helmet was an abysmal failure. I tried about 12 times to make it work, following the pattern exactly, following it fairly closely, making up my own ideas, and every combo of those. It would not work out no matter what I did, so I gave up. And then I found a new (and much better/cuter/comfier looking) pattern, the Toddler Knit Helmet! My first one, int hat koolaid dyed yarn, ended up really large. I could squeeze it over my head, it was that big. I'm debating trying to felt it. If I put it away until it will fit her.....that would be a LONG wait, and I'm just too impatient for that. I'm a little worried that felting it would make it funny at the neck though, since the ribbing wouldn't stay stretchy.

I really liked the pattern, and the size issue was my own fault for using the wrong yarn and needles, so I gave it another shot. Here's the second attempt:

It's a little smaller around the face than I'd like. I think I would knit a couple more rows in height, maybe increase by a few more to make the head bigger around, and add a couple rows of ribbing. It's knit in a cotton/acrylic blend, but despite living in Canada, it really doesn't get THAT cold, so it should be perfect. I'm working on matching mittens now, with the rest of the yarn.

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