Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm killing the Accordion sweater. I've been frustrated with it all along, it's just not fun, and I'm getting too many signs to "give it up already":
  • the ribbing will need MUCH blocking to widen out enough
  • it was painful to knit woolease on bamboo needles
  • now that I switched to metal needles, it's only bearable, not fun.
  • I'm questioning the colour choice
  • I saw a sweater that would be much nicer than this one promises to turn out, for a mere$12 in the store
  • I just realized I knit the left front backwards.

SO I think this sweater has a date with the winder, to be turned back into centre pull balls for some other purpose. I'm both frustrated and gleeful about this.

I'm looking forward to my next planned project - tiny knit doll socks to match my daughter's, so on christmas she and her brand new baby doll can wear matching socks. (they're girly sock colours and her doll is a boy, but she won't care)

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