Saturday, March 18, 2006

I THOUGHT that the baby sweater I was working on seemed 'off' in a way, but I carried on. I've mad this particular sweater twice before with no issues, so I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Unfortunately, I should have paid better attention when I thought it was wrong, I had screwed up pretty badly. Instead of continueing to increase the shoulders/sleeves to the THIRD buttonhole, I stopped at the second, a difference of 18 rows. That makes for a pretty warped sweater with tiny little arms. It's totally unsalvagable. I can either rip back about 80% of what I've done and fix it, or just start over completely. I'm not sure I feel like doing either.

The baby is due mid April, so I have a little time, but not much. I checked my stash and I don't have any other "gender neutral" yarn so I'm sort of stuck redoing this sweater, or something similar. I hate when knitting, which is supposed to be fun, gets frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

The scarf you saw at fibrefest is from a book called hats gloves and scarves by Louisa Harding and you can probably get it out of the library - I did .