Friday, February 02, 2007

Gothic Stole Progress

Gothic Stole Progress
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The stole is moving right along. The first repeat gave me trouble, and I redid it a few times, but I got into a groove and it's growing quickly now. I think I'm even one and a half repeats past what you see inthe photo.

I have been going to a bi-monthly knitting group at a friend's home. Great, casual group of ladies, and I really enjoy it. But, the host is very pregnant, due any time, and so the knitting is on hold. As luck would have it, I came accross a local group at a coffee shop that is held weekly and it's pretty much a drop-in kind of place, so I checked them out this week. Nice gals, and quite friendly. I got a full repeat of my stole done (impressed them with my project - heh) and I think I'll go back. It's on Tuesday nights when Magnus is home, which is a bonus.

I joined up with Project Spectrum 2.0 for fun. The idea being there are 3 colours for every 2 month period all year, and you're to create and share art/craft fitting those colours. I'd already started some grey baby booties, so that fits for the February/March set of Blue, White and Grey!

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