Monday, June 04, 2007

Teagan Models her Monica Tank

Teagan Models her Monica Tank
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I finally finished up Monica for my daughter. I made a few mods, and they worked out pretty well. First, I changed it to be knit in the round - no reason not to, since it was all stockingknit with no shaping. This also eliminated the need to purl, so it knit up extra fast!

I subbed in stash yarn. Both acrylics, both a mystery to me beyond that. I liek the look of the multicoloured ruffle, though it's a bit catchy so I hope it doesn't pill and pull too badly.

I did i-cord for the straps. My thought was that knitting the straps would let them stretch out too much. I just wish I'd thought to make them a touch shorter to allow for a little stretching, even with the modded straps.....


Valerie said...

Both are toooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

wow! that is super cute!! I thought about making one for my niece, was the pattern pretty good?

I can't believe I never found this blog before, I love your pics of all your knitting :-)

~Nessa from Bitchybees