Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm gaining some confidence in my knitting. Strange pattern directions don't scare me as much anymore, and I'm willing to play with what needles I have on hand a little more, adjusting mentally for gauge on simple projects. But the other day I impressed myself. I'm working on the Aleita Tank from Interweave Spring 2008 and noticed a split stitch. It would have bothered me, and probably been a physical weak point in the garment, so it had to be fixed. So I dropped a stitch down *33* rows to knit it back up properly. It looked fantastic when I was done, you couldn't even see where I'd done it. And this was on the bus in poor light - go me!

Feeling bold, I'm now considering a speed knitting project for Mother's Day. There is a lovely DK weight sock pattern called "Rainy Day Socks" I'm thinking about knitting. I have some Berocco Comfort in my stash - 100% acrylic but really soft and nice knit up. I'd started a mini vestee in it, but it's not really working out, so I'm considering ripping and starting again anyways.....11 days, can I do it?


Gratefulmom said...

I think you are an awesome knitter!

Valerie said...

You're an awesome knitter anyway but I think it's 2008 for daring knitting. My knitting skills have been developing steadily since the start of the year.