Friday, March 13, 2009

A new month, and a new post.....

I am knitting plenty, I just rarely feel like I have anything worth posting about here. That and I forget about the blog. Oops. Nothing noteworthy is going on in my crafy world right now, but I felt like it was due time for a post.

I've finished up the giant pile of yarn I got from the shop downtown, to make hats and mitts. I don't know If I could have made a whole mitt with the leftovers I worked down to, so I feel good about that. The small yardage on the Knitpicks Shine Worsted forced me to use more than one colour on every item anyways, so I went even further on some and added 3 colours. I don't normally like colourwork, but the results were fun:

I finally finished up the Placket Neck Vest I was knitting for Argen in Shine Sport. Not a moment too soon, it barely fits my big boy:

And now I'm working on baby items. I have nearly finished a dress for a friend who just had a baby girl, and I know of a couple other gals who are due very soon, so I'd better get moving. Teagan would like something knit for her, since I just gave her brother something, as well.

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My8kidsmom said...

Love the hats! The one with the tassels in my fav :)