Monday, September 08, 2003

My craft area currently takes up an entire nook off the living room. Half of this nook is what will become "baby's space" so I need to organize, downsize, and just plain clean up my crafting! I started with the yarn, since the bags and piles were actually starting to take over the living room too:

I've got it all into the two carts, one bag, and a box now. I'm working on a trade with someone for yarns I'm not fond of, in exchange for knitting books - YAY! I bought a lot of it at thrift shops when I first started knitting, or my mom picked it up for me, before I knew what I liked knitting with. Now that I know, lots of what I have just doesn't suit me, even though it's nifty yarn. If I can swap it for things I like I can actually make things, rather than feeling overwhelmed by piles of yarn I don't like. I have a few things posted for trade at TRADE if you want to check it out.

Next will be the stamping table:

Which will need to also hold any miscellaneous crafting stuff, and my couponing/refunding stuff. It's a big project getting it all organized, but I will be so happy when it's all neat and useable again!

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