Saturday, January 24, 2004

Finally finished a project that had been tossed aside in disgust months ago. I was using Patons Pixie Yarn in Gelati, which is a lot like Sirdar Snowflake, only cheaper. This yarn knits up into the softest, fluffiest fabric you can imagine, perfect for baby projects, but is a NIGHTMARE to unravel. I found a dropped stitch in one sleeve after casting off, and I SHOULD have just mended it, but I tried to unravel. After hours of pain, I tossed it aside and forgot about it. I pulled it out last night and managed to fix it, plus make a matching hat! I used this pattern:
And here is the finished result:

I think it would make a great gift (once I add the buttons) but after all the work I think I might keep it. I don't think I will want to work with Pixie yarn again, and it's so soft so I might just keep this set.

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