Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am still knitting.....a little. We just moved into a house we bought (go us!) and life has been busy and stressful to say the least. At a time when knitting would be most welcome, I didn't have time for it! I finished reknitting the hat for my neice in time for her birthday. I don't know if my sister liked it, the party was on our moving weekend so I couldn't go. She didn't get that it matched the cardigan, my mom made her dig it out to see that. (thanks mom!)

I bought some Patons Be Mine yarn yesterday. It's SO soft, I'm going to make a fluffy baby hat out of it, I think. Probably just stockingknit in the round - nice and easy.

I want to make another pinwheel baby blanket. I have been looking for a nice veregated yarn in a large skein, but not much other than the cotton seems nice. Walmart has some Red Heart Comfort, but it feels scratchy and the colour repeats are really short. I'm thinking about Bernat Satin, it's really nice and soft, and thick so it would knit up fast. I'm not sure if the blanket would end up really heavy, though. I'm liking what Emily did with hers, she put garter rows in. It looks really nice, if I don't go with a veregated yarn I might try that.

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