Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've been 'outted' as a knitter at work, big time. I carried my current knitting project (a just-started baby hat) around with me in my work bag, in case I found myself with some down time, and headed off to my departmental all morning meeting. I was the first one there, and it was in a sort of auditorium (we're a big department, 50+) so I found a seat and pulled out my knitting. As people arrove I got some interesting comments, people checking out what I was making. My boss seemed quite amused that I was knitting. And as the meeting started I didn't bother to stop, since I wasn't causing a problem. It turned out to be a good thing to be knitting, I have trouble with my mind wandering in long meetings, sitting so still and inactive drives me nuts, so keeping my fingers busy let me concentrate better.

Anyways, as my boss got up to give the summary of his group, who's new, etc, he says "and knitting away there is Wendy, just back from maternity leave" *blush* I could feel the eyes on me. Later near the end they were doing a draw (they gave away silly prizes for fun) the person drawing joked that the prize was the hat I was knitting. *blush again*

But I did finish the hat!

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