Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm very excited because it looks like I will be going to The Saltspring Island Fibre Festival on Saturday! A local knitting group I've hung out with in the past was organizing to meet up and "do the festival together, but most gals were turning it into an overnight camping excursion. I can really only manage a day trip, but happily another knitter is driving over and has room in her car for me. I'm really, REALLY excited. I'm looking forward to an adult day trip away, and of course, knitting and yarn and all that good stuff!

I'm still working away on my Wyvern Socks. They're moving slowly as I don't have much knitting time, but the sock is longer, so there is progress. I just finished one arm on the baby cardigan I'm knitting as well, more progress.

I turned 30 on Monday and was gifted with tea and a pair of skeins of Noro Kureyon yarn from my friend. The search for the perfect project is on. I WAS thinking I would like a multidirectional scarf for myself, but many folks tell me that Noro is a bit scratchy for a hat or scarf. I guess the Fake Isle hat from Magknits is out, too? Maybe a Kureyon Kozy is a better idea? I do need a tea cozy.....Other ideas?

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Mary said...

Oh yay! We haven't seen you in ages, so I'm glad you'll be able to getaway for this trip! :)

And happy belated birthday!!!!!!

See you Saturday!