Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not only can I not keep up with everything I already have on the needles, my "to knit" list keeps growing. Ravelry is not helping, now I have easy access to plenty of photos of hundreds of fantastic projects, showing how different yarns people chose change the look. I'm trying to be realistic about which projects I add to my queue, only adding those things I think I might actually make, but it's still getting to be a long list.

One project that I really REALLY like the look of is the Puff the Merino Dragon Scarf I'm not sure if I would actually make this, seeing as shipping alone is $13 US to get the kit to me. (at $25 the kit isn't outrageous, but the shipping pushes it up too high for me!) I wonder if the pattern is available alone anywhere.....

I'm putting together a package for my partner in the Summer Stash Swap I joined. It's fun shopping from your stash, and takes some of the "How much do I spend? What if I choose badly for my partner??" stress away. I have some neat yarns I just don't seem to be using, and a couple seem perfect for my partner. I'm trying to think of a couple neat extras to throw in to round out the package as well. This will be my first knitting swap ever :)

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