Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Knitting!

I think I might actually finish all my Christmas knitting, including the projects I decided to add as of YESTERDAY! Last night I finished up the felted crowns for the neices(I think the little shiny star "jewels" finish them off nicely):

And a felted Squid for my son and felted Spider for my daughter:

I knit a kitty washcloth for my friend and neighbour, and am halfway through a heart washcloth for my mother-in-law. My brother's Police Line Scarf is about 30 minutes from done, not counting seaming and blocking - but I won't need to have it ready until my mom's Christmas gathering on Sunday so I have plenty of time for that.

I have a few fun projects I can't wait to get started on, the Toasty Toppers hat-scarves from Knitty for my kids, and a "Better than the Real Thing" sweater for me from Yarn Girl's Guide to Knits For All Seasons. Both should be reasonably quick knits on thick yarns, so quite satisfying. I need to buy yarn for the sweater, and conveniently the local yarn shop has a big sale on the 31st......perfect!


Mary said...

I added flower "jewels" to the crown I made for Jon's niece! She liked it, until she realized it was too small for her. :( She's not at the age yet to realize you can use pins to secure it to her head. :)

Have a great Christmas!

Valerie said...

Those knits are lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Sheila said...

Those are fun knits. Happy New Year.