Sunday, November 11, 2007

The plus side to being sick, is it sometimes frees up some time for knitting. I've been off work sick for a day and a half, and missing a few other scheduled activities as well. When I felt up to it, I pulled out the needles and focussed on finishing off a bunch of nearly-done projects. First up, Picovoli:
Finished Picovili
I'm dissapointed in this one. The picot edging on the sleeves and neck and hem was a real pain to execute, and the result still rolls and looks really funny on the sleeves. I feel like I have 80s wings going on. It's too bad, I like the fabric this yarn made, and the fit is otherwise great. I may see how it looks under something, or if I mod the sleeve caps a little. If I rip back the picot edge on the sleeves and just let them roll up to be thinner, it might look ok.

Next comes Skirtsicle:
Not the best photo, but I think my cute daughter is worth looking at, too! She loves the skirt, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It fits her nice, and the fabric is thick enough to be at least a little warm, as we're heading into winter. I didn't bother with a picot edge, with blocking (steam ironing) casting off matching the pattern (knit and purl) seemed roll resistant enough. I like how the yarn stripes worked out.

I'm nearly finished the Baby Surprise Jacket:
Baby Surprise Jacket
It needs a good blocking and some buttons. I think I may have to look at my seaming, as the button band doesn't overlap, but I'll see if blocking helps this out. I think this will be a gift for an expectant friend - I'm headed to her baby shower next weekend. I have about 2/3 of a skein of yarn left, I may try for matching socks or booties.

And finally, I'm making real progress on the Daycare Auction Scarf:
Divine Lace Scarf
I'm hoping it will be an ok item. The stole I sent last year was much larger, and thus much grander an item for the auction, but I know I can finish this in time and with plenty of yarn. I think a lace scarf is more practical for more people, and the colours are great, so hopefully it will fetch good bids.


sue said...

Oh I really like your daughter's skirtsicle in the stripy colors. I knit my daughter's one in a burnt orange/red combo, but yours looks so pretty.

Knitcrazy said...

Your Daughter is so cute and I love how the skirt looks on her..Is it an availabe pattern???

adam brown said...

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