Thursday, February 28, 2008

My knitting hasn't been going well lately. I'm working on the sleeves for Argen's Gansey right now.....first attempt at the sleeves had me following the pattern but determining that made them WAY too narrow for his hands and arms, once I was 2/3 done. *RIP* Second attempt had me knit to about the 2/3 mark again before I determined a serious needle size error. How Serious you ask? The pattern calls for a 4mm for the cuff, and a 5mm for the main part of the sleeve. I used a 3.75 ALL THE WAY UP!. *RIP* I'm about half way up the sleeves this time, hopefully for the last time. In a funny twist, I am knitting both sleeves together, to ensure they are the same size and gauge, and I don't get too bored to do #2, so my errors were doubled each time - hah!

My second issue was with the Aleita Shell from Interweave knits Spring 2008 that I'm making for myself. I picked up the magazine, happily picked out an alternate yarn of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy and cast on. The reccomended needle gave me a huge, holey fabric. A needle several sizes down looked nice, but gave a way-too-small gauge. I am not willing to do the math and mess with the pattern, so I have to find something else.

In happier news, I have received some knitting gifts lately. A knitter at our weekly group is moving and brought a bag off cast off acrylic and cotton yarns she doesn't want to pack with her. I picked up a fantastically bright lime green cotton for dishcloths, plus 2 smaller amounts in more moderate colours, and a big skein of thick and thin fun yarn for my daughter to use on her loom. And today I got to work to find 2 pairs of knitting needles on my desk - my coworker was cleaning out her place and came accross them.

Tonight Teagan and I are heading over to visit our neighbour. She's on bedrest following an operation and is bored out of her mind. I'm going to try and teach her to knit, and Teagan's bringing her loom to "knit" with us. Should be fun!

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