Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another dry spell of posts, that does NOT indicate a knitting dry spell. In fact, I have a number of FO's to share.

I knit this Kimono Top in Bernat Soy yarn. The pattern is intended to come out smaller, and I just knit with larger needles and yarn and it came out around 18month-24month size. It is a super easy pattern, and I'm pretty sure I'll knit more. I gifted it to a friend for her small 2 year old's birthday and it was a hit with the girl and her mom.

This Bainbridge Scarf was a neat project. Basically you knit a short tube, then knit little ties to go at each side. When you wear it, the ties meet up and give you a little tail hanging down, and a lovely, sharp looking scarf! I knit this in Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. I think it would be nice in something cozier, too, so I may knit this one again.

Just in time, I finished this Totally Autumn Afghan for a friend's wedding. I actually unpinned it from it's blocking space, wrapped it, and headed for the wedding, it was that close. It came out a little smaller than I'd hoped, even adding 2 pattern repeats. I blocked it BIG TIME, and it grew by more than a foot both ways, so I was satisfied. I used Cascade Eco for this, for the price and fibre, since I wanted wool. I have overlooked that yarn before, it feels scratchy on the skein. Once I started knitting it, it softened right up. It's a great choice for afghans and the like, and so affordable.

I'm working on a coupling things right now. Nearly finished a Telemark Sweater, for no baby in particular, halfway through a Broad Street Mitten for my coach (I do plan to knit her a pair!) and considering a slew of washcloths for travel knitting as my family heads to Vancouver this weekend. I'm hoping to get to 3 Bags Full while I'm over there for some shopping. Not that I need more yarn......maybe I'll just look?


Sylvana said...

Great job on your FO.
I made one of those Brain Bridge Scarf for my sister, she loves it. Of course i forgot to take a pic, but i agree with you it's a neat project and very easy.

I love the way your afghan turned out, i tried that yarn before and i really like it too, is afordable, nice to knit and comes in so many cool colours.

Anonymous said...

Ups, i left my comment using my Spanish account.

Shauna said...

I found two really good books on recently. Classic Elite knits has a lot of straightfoward beautiful patterns for the entire family and scrumptious toppers (such a cute name) has so many adorable ideas for babies! I just bought them

Gratefulmom said...

Wow, look at all that beautiful knitting!