Friday, November 21, 2008

Noro Taiyo

Noro Taiyo
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This is some LOVELY yarn I picked up in Hawaii last month. Yes, I was on a trip to Hawaii and was seeking out yarn shops - such is the drive of a knitter! They didn't have much in either shop I checked out, no surprise that knitting isn't as big in a warm-weather place like that - but I did come accross this gorgeous skein, and a hiyahiya 9inch circular. I haven't tried the 9inch circ yet, but I'm eager to see how it is.

I've been knitting plenty. I'm working on a fair isle had for my husband for christmas (or his birthday 2 weeks later if I'm slow) that is taking a long time. My floats are a little tight so I hope the hat fits! I also just got a gig knitting hats for a shop, and I am REALLY excited about that. My boss at Camosun heard about that and comissioned me to make a hat for a coworker who just got a grandson. It's exciting to knit for pay, very validating of my skills!

I'm also trying to crank out dishcloths. I want to knit one for each of the staff at the daycare, about 12, and maybe a couple for my brother and sister as housewarming gifts, both are moving in December.

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