Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, I failed pretty miserably at the holidalies deal. At least I had few readers, so I didn't embarrass myself in front of many? See, there can be benefits to not being popular!!

The holiday season got the better of me, and add in a sinus infection and a lovely bout of bronchial pneumonia attacking me together, and I didn't have much interest in blogging. I have been knitting though. I managed to finish knit washcloths for all the daycare staff. I knit a couple more than were pictured here, those had to go out early as the student assistants didn't work to the end. I packaged each with a foam bath sachet:

I am nearly done this Transformers Hat for my husband:

I'm pleased with how it's turning out, and the fair isle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My favorite part is the writing along the inside of the hat. (it reads - more than meets the eye) I am running out of yarn for the very last part of the lining, so I'm using some black bamboo yarn I had left over. Magnus likes that his hat has a "secret bamboo panel", go figure.

I hit the boxing week sales and scored some fun yarns. Babyboo, my favorite bamboo yarn for baby items, some berocco comfort, another great baby yarn, and Loveit Colours:

I'm knitting away on a Shetland Triangle shawl now for the Tea Festival Silent Auction. It's a simple lace pattern, but coming out very nicely. I'm struggling with what "value" to put on it, as that will be displayed with the item and sometimes guides the bids placed. I was thinking $100, but Magnus says $200-300 is more appropriate, but it's hard to imaging a shawl I knit being worth THAT much................



Anonymous said...

I remember when you first came out to our knit nights, you were knitting the gothic lace stole (if I remember correctly)... How much did you put on that as the opening bid? And do you remember how much it went for? That could be a starting point. Or, if you think about how much time you put into it... And if you go lower end at $5/hr or a mid-range of $10/hr, how much would the shawl cost then?

Wendy said...

I don't know how much the gothic lace stole went for, I wasn't at the tea festival that first year. I know the Devine Lace Scarf I sent last year (much smaller!) I valued at $50 and it went for $25, so I think I should have valued it a LITTLE higher.....

As for hours spent that is hard, since I pull it out and knit a row here and there all the time. I'm nearing 150 rows and have another 30+ I'd guess to go, but being a triangular shawl it's getting slower and slower. I'd guess I've spent more than 20 hours on it already, and have another 5 or even 10 to go since the rows are getting long. That would put it in the $150-200 range. It's just hard to imagine it being worth that much, I'd never buy a shawl anywhere NEAR that much!!