Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super Fast Baby Knit

I had a field hockey tournament on the weekend. Our first game was in the morning, and while there I learned one of the players (someone I knew fairly well from playing over the years) had actually had her baby a few weeks back. (and YES she was out playing! Wow!) Between games I whipped up this little hat, in a soft sage Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton I had:

It came together SO quickly, probably 2 hours of knitting time? I was finishing it as my husband drove us back to the fields for the afternoon game (hence the crummy photo, snapped on my skirt on my lap in the car at the last second!) but I did get it done in time to deliver it.

The Blue Sky Alpaca cotton is lovely yarn to knit with. So soft and squishy, not like the cheap handicrafter kitchen cotton I usually knit with. Even though it's expensive, I think a skein would whip out two of these hats easily, so they are fast and affordable baby knits.

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