Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Finally some knitting for my children. It may seem strange, I knit mostly child and baby items, yet my kids get the short end of the knitting stick. The large number of my knit things end up as gifts. There are a few reasons for this.....
Baby knit sizing is forgiving. I almost never knit "newborn" sized items. My babies were never really newborn sized, so I go for 3month size as a minimum, often much larger, since I know they will grow into the stuff eventually. This frees me from heavy thoughts on gauge and all that. It also means I can knit ahead for babies, or if I'm knitting something and it doesn't get finished, gift them something else and finish up that project for a future baby.

Knitting for a growing child (and goodness do they grow fast when they want to) is far less forgiving. If you measure a child and calculate the dimensions, you'd better sit down and knit that sucker up ASAP. If you let them eat a few meals, or have a nap or two, suddenly they are 2 inches taller and the things don't fit right! Ask me how I know this!!?!

I do occasionally treat my little ones to knit items, and they are most appreciative when I do, which makes me think I should work to do so, just a little more often. My latest knits for my kids.....a cabled skirt for Teagan, and two brimmed warm hats for Argen:

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