Thursday, June 19, 2003

So little knitting done these days. It's very sad. I still haven't solved the dilemma with that baby sweater I mentioned in my last post. I'm really sad, I've made such a mess of it and it was nearly done too!

I haven't picked Bob up again because I'm sad about how "over" drapey it's coming out. The socks are needing a colour change a bit early, I was going to do the toe in green but I just ran out of the main colourway, so the toe and part of the foot will be green. I only have one ball of the green to work from though, so I have to sort out the logistics of working on two socks from one ball of yarn.

Something nicer to mention: my mom found an AMAZING thing at a thrift shop. A nearly completed, beautifully done, irish knit sweater! All that remains is the collar, I just have to slip the stitches onto a needle and knit up a colar. It's a really beautiful cardigan, something I would definitely wear. It even has buttons sewn on already (though one appears to be missing) and there is enough extra wool to finish the collar. The best part? She got it for $3.50!! (that's $3.50 canadian by the way) The wool is good quality off white wool, and the stitchwork is so nice. I should get to work on a collar so I can wear this! though it's too hot to wear it for a while now.......

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