Sunday, August 10, 2003

As painful as it was to frog that last baby blanket start, I'm glad I did. I'm just starting the new pattern, and I'm liking it much better already. It's a fairly simple repeat of stockingknit sections and little lacey bits that will make a sort of basketweave. I think it will look nice, but not be TOO complicated, and yet interesting enough to keep me at it.

I got a flyer for this year's Daycare raffle at work. Last year I donated a packet of handstamped cards I made, plus a hooded baby sweater and booties in Lion Brand Microspun. They turned out really cute and I had fun making them for a good cause. (the raffle earns money for the daycare to buy new books and toys, since they don't charge too much to parents who have their kids there, most of whom are students) The thing is, last year, I didn't have any other kids to babies to knit for. This year, I have TONS of babies to knit for, so I don't know if I have time to knit something for someone else. I might have to look for a really quick pattern, maybe make another "5 hour baby sweater" or something. I'd really like to donate something.

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