Thursday, August 14, 2003

This other baby blanket I'm working on is turning out nicely. I'm not in love with the pattern, but it's nice enough. I've done about 7 inches so far, so it's coming along. It will probably be a gift for one of 3 upcoming babies.

I'm still mulling over ideas for the daycare raffle. I thought about doing a mohair shawl, as that would use up some of the MASSES of mohair I have. Of course, when I checked out my stash I found a lot of it is "mohair like" but not actual mohair, and that I didn't have more than a ball or two of a lot of the colours/styles of yarn. I also haven't found a pattern I like. There was one in the knitter's stash, but the one mohair yarn I had enough of, is WAY too fluffy so it looks funny knit up. I may do a fancy scarf instead, that doesn't take as much yarn.

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