Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm still really enjoying working on this baby blanket, mindless knitting is a nice break these days. It's about 20inches accross right now. I'm not sure how big to make it, I was thinking about 3 feet would be good. I'll have to measure some baby blankets I have at home to see what a nice size would be. I might need to get a longer needle, or use two. This circular needle is around 36inches (do you measure tip-to-tip? I did) and I can just manage it at the current size. A few more rounds of increases and I don't think it will fit on the needles, I'll have to see if I have a second one this size. Maybe I will see if they make them any bigger, though I don't make a lot of blankets I might be better off just using 2 shorter ones.

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