Friday, May 27, 2005

It's finished!

I finally finished the round baby blanket. I actually finished it a couple days ago but I wanted to wash it before taking a photo. I think it shrunk a tad in the wash, as it's cotton, but that's ok. It's a little over 2 and a half feet accross, small for a blanket but a nice size for a stroller or lap or carseat. I found most baby blankets too big when Teagan was very young, hopefully the recipient feels the same. I was dissapointed in how it wouldn't lay flat, it's not actually a circle, and looks like I could have skipped one of the sections (there were 10) to make it turn out better. Here it is folded in half, you can see how it's bigger around than a circle:

I didn't find any mistakes, so I'm not sure what happened, maybe my row guage was way off or something, I certainly didn't bother with a guage swatch for this.

I enjoyed making this a lot, even though it wasn't difficult or exciting, and I could see making more in the future. The price is right, a whole skein of the veregated cotton I used is around $7, the solids would make a slightly larger blanket for the same price.

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