Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I really, REALLY dislike finishing work on knitted items. One or two simple seams I can handle, but putting together a whole sweater is so frustrating for me. It seems like the pieces don't match up, my sleeve ends up crooked, or there is some other problem.

I finally finished all the knitting for the baby cardigan I'm knitting, and started the assembly today. Several hours of seaming in, and I'm only halfway done. What I have done doesn't look right, so I may be ripping it to start over. The sleeve looks kind of puckered, I think I need to space out the stitches more than I did. Unfortunately, that means ripping all the seaming I've done on the arm so far, which is most of the work I did. The sweater is looking cute, but at this point of the project I remember why I always favour top-down/seamless projects. Once the knitting is finished (the fun part for me) I still have to tackle this frustration, and I end up feeling like the quality of my finishing work detracts from the end result.

I'm going to work at it, though. I want to finish it tomorrow night, so I can feel free to start my next project (a SEAMLESS baby sweater) for Friday's Knitting Olympics beginning.

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