Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's finished!

I finished the Child's Placket Neck pullover tonight. There was so little finishing, just kitchener under each arm and sewing the front of the placket down. The knitting itself was fast and easy, so it was a great pattern/project. My daughter was confused about which baby this sweater was for (we got her a baby doll for christmas she promptly named 'baby brother') So I'm thinking of making a matching one for her doll with the 3rd ball of yarn I bought. This sweater only took 2, so I am hoping I could squeeze out a doll size one with one ball and the little leftovers I have.

I am considering making another for Teagan, too, in another colour. The yarn is soft and nice to work with for an acrylic, and the pattern is just so nice.

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