Monday, June 01, 2009

Teagan's First Knitting Project!

My daughter is a knitter. I'm so proud! Teagan's been interested in my knitting since.......well since she used to dance inin utero as my circular needles tapped on my belly! I got her a knitting loom a little over a year ago, and while she enjoyed playing on it, her attention span didn't let her do much with it. More recently she asked to learn to knit with needles, and I of course obliged.

She did well playing with some needles of mine, though they were thin and a bit slippery, so we picked up a set of short bamboo 6mm straights. I cast on and set her up, and other than a few rows grandma did, and me picking up a dropped stitch or two, she made this! With instruction she even did the casting off herself!

(in case it's not obvious, this is a rug for her Barbie doll house. It was going to be a comforter but it was far too narrow for the bed, and I figured picking up stitches to widen it was a more advanced lesson than she was ready for)

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