Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our Bitchybees knitting group is participating in the Ravelympics, and of course I joined in, too. I'm a pretty busy gal so despite the urge to sign up for a ton of events, I started with just one, with a special personal challenge. I'm knitting myself a lacey hat, the Eyelet Hat from Vogue Knitting. The hat itself won't be a challenging knit, the challenge is in knitting something FOR MYSELF and knitting ONLY THAT PROJECT until it is done. I am not a monogamous knitter at all. I'm distractable, easily enticed to start new things, and bad for not finishing projects. So my challenge to myself is to knit on only this hat until it is 100% complete. Every end woven in, blocked if needed, and ready to wear. Even in the first few days, I've struggled with wanting to try other things, or bring a second project along with me.

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