Tuesday, March 04, 2003


I've been working away at designing something. Focussing on making the pattern workable, keeping the sizing adjustable with the math, all the things you need to do when you are designing a pattern, because I wanted to submit it to Knitty. I ran out of time for the Spring issue but my idea was fairly summery so I didn't worry, I was going to submit it for the next round. I was finally nearing completion when the current Knitty issue came out. The current issue of Knitty has an item that is extremely close to what I was working on. Actually, it's better, more what I WANTED to do but my limited experience made difficult. My pattern would be too close, it would look like I copied this other designer's great pattern, with a mediocre one that was only slightly different. **sigh** very sad times for me.

So I have set that project aside and just focussed insead on a large afghan I'm working on. I'm really enjoying the afghan pattern, so I'm feeling less sad about knitting now :)

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