Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Off to felt! I'm leaving in a moment to head to mom's to felt the hat and a little side thing made out of the spare yarn - wish me luck!

I brought some socks I've had on the needles for a while to work on once I finished the hat knitting. I screwed them up, big time! I was knitting away on them when I realized I'd done them as toe-up socks, but done the heels as though they were top-down socks! Very silly! Off to the frog pond with those I guess.

The afghan is going ok. I screwed up a panel back and lost a stitch somewhere. It wasn't dropped, just not done properly so I ended up one shy in the end. Hopefully I can fix it without mass frogging. I am going to run out of yarn too, so I headed to both walmarts in town. One doesn't carry it, the other won't give me a straight answer on whether they will get my shade back in. ((sigh)) I lucked out on ebay though and found 2 balls (I needed one) on fairly cheap. Shipping will be over $7 US (that's $10++ canadian) but it's worth it to be able to finish the afghan :)

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