Monday, May 26, 2003

The afghan has been given! We drove up to the wedding on saturday. Sadly we got lost and missed the ceremony! We did make it to the reception though. The couple looked so happy! They weren't openning the gifts until sunday, and we had to get home, so I didn't get to see their reaction. Hopefully they liked it! My brother hasn't uploaded the photos from his camera yet, but as soon as he does I will share photos!

I got a good chunk of the ankle socks done on the trip up island. I'm about halfway down the foot now. They look kind of cute with the solid color heel and veregated yarn for the rest. I don't have a lot of the veregated yarn left, I'll be doing the toes solid too. Still working away on Bob. I'm up to the shaping at the chest. I'm not sure how its going to work out though. Do you ever find yourself following a pattern thinking " this doesn't SEEM right, but I'm going to trust the pattern" and hoping it all works out? I'm there now, a few more rows and I will be able to see how it works out.

I managed to check out "Mad About Ewe" in Nanaimo. Cute shop with a great selection. I picked up a couple balls of Pixie by Patons to make more baby stuff. It's a lot like snowflake, but about half the price. ($4.99 Canadian - which is like $3 US) I got the Gelati colour, blue, green, yellow and white veregated.

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